Please review the list below and vote for any product requests that you are interested in. If an item you are interested in is not listed, you may submit your request in the form on the right. Be sure to check back often as new models will be added, and removed as they are released. We intend for this to be an ongoing list of requested products that we and you can reference as we continue to produce new models.

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Product Requests

This Poll will be consulted for the development of future products. While we will consider the items with the highest vote first, we do not guarantee they will be released in that order. As products are released they will be removed from the list.

*Status Code Key:
If a model is in progress, I will add a status code at the end of the listing, the Keys are listed below:

LR - Locating Resources (see note below)
DP - Design Pending
DS - Design Started
DC - Design Complete, ready to test print
TP - Test Print in Process
RD - Release Date, these models are ready to release and a date has been determined, watch for the email announcement!

Note: When locating resources, any help that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes we may have plans, but need a photograph to clarify some details, if you know of a source of any information in regards to a car with this marking, please contact us.

**I have been receiving requests for locomotives, I am willing to design them, though I am not a mechanical engineer so the development of such will be dependent upon locating a power mechanism for them.