SP Box Car – HOn3

SP Box Car – HOn3


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Over the years, the SP had equipment from many different lines and lineages, though many were similar, none were identical.

These cars were Box Car Red with white lettering. To complete the model,  paint and decal to your liking.

This model was designed to use the following for completion:

  •  Kadee #713 or #714 couplers
  • 4’8″ Arch Bar Trucks (Blackstone B370109)
  • 24 – 18″ Grab Irons
  • 4 – 18″ Drop Grab Irons
  • 2 – Roof Corner Grab Irons
  • Stirrups
  • Truss Rods
  • Brake Details

* These larger grab irons can be made using our custom bending Jig available here.

This car is also Soundcar ready! Designed to use Soundtraxx 35X16mm oval speaker #810113.

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Due to the fact that 3d printing is a relatively new and in many ways experimental manufacturing technology and the fact that many of the models I manufacture push the limits on what is able to be manufactured, not all models can be successfully printed every time. Every effort is made to avoid any issues during the design phase, however, from time to time we do have unforeseen issues during the manufacturing process. We (Shapeways and I) appreciate your patience when issues do occur.

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