ET&WNC Long Caboose

ET&WNC Long Caboose


The ET&WNC built two Long Cabeese that were nearly identical, the bodies were identical, with variances in the steps as well as the trucks.

Caboose 505 / 506

Our Caboose models each consist of two parts, The body, and the frame. To Build the completed model you will need to purchase both halves, be sure to select the correct  under-frame for the model you intend to build.

These models are designed to use the following:


  •  Kadee #713 or #714 couplers
  • Blackstone Caboose Trucks B370109
  • Injection molded brake wheels
  • Music Wire 0.012″ for
    • Grab Irons
    • Stirrups
    • Brake Wheel Shafts


  •  Kadee #5 or #148  couplers
  • Bachmann Vulcan Freight Trucks 29905*
  • Injection molded brake wheels
  • Music Wire for brake wheel Shafts

To complete the model, snip any sprues used to protect the model during shipping, ream out the holes on the coupler mount (optional), and truck mounts to fit the hardware of your choice. Add a brake wheel on each end (optional) apply Paint and decals to your preference.


505 Body

505 Frame

506 Body

506 Frame

505 Body

505 Frame


* I have found that Bachmann did not design their trucks to fit a standard diameter bolster pin. As Such, I have designed the pin to fit the trucks that I purchased for the prototype model if other trucks are used, you may need to modify the pins, or replace them.

Due to the fact that 3d printing is a relatively new and in many ways experimental manufacturing technology and the fact that many of the models I manufacture push the limits on what is able to be manufactured, not all models can be successfully printed every time. Every effort is made to avoid any issues during the design phase, however, from time to time we do have unforeseen issues during the manufacturing process. We (Shapeways and I) appreciate your patience when issues do occur.

Additional information


HOn3, On3, On30

Our products are printed in a Photopolymer Resin. This liquid resin becomes a solid when exposed to UV light. For those further interested in the scientific details, here is the Wikipedia article with the details.

As such, it is highly recommended to paint all models as part of the finishing process or at minimum prime them to protect the model from continued exposure.

When you receive your items you may notice some small post-production markings on the products. These are unavoidable in the production of the models. A small amount of work could be necessary to prepare the model for finishing.

Items that are labeled as “in stock” are ready to be packaged and shipped within a week of purchase.

Items that are labeled as “backorder” are produced on demand and will take 1-2 weeks to produce and ship out.

We strive to produce merchandise of the highest quality. 3D printing is a relatively new manufacturing process and we are exploring the limits and boundaries of this technology. We aim to provide our customers with consistent quality; unfortunately, when exploring new technologies, there are times where this might not be the case. Due to the hands-on nature of the production and post-production; issues may arise. Please feel free to contact our customer assistance department with any issues or concerns.  We appreciate your continued patience when issues do occur going forward.

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