C&S T3 Box 10″ Roof – HOn3

C&S T3 Box 10″ Roof – HOn3


Scale: HOn3
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C&S Type III Box Car w/ 10" Murphy Roof - HOn3
Built between 1901 and 1910, these cars featured steel frames and three different roof styles. We have produced all three versions; Original wood, as well as both 10" and 12" Murphy steel types.

  • Couplers (Kadee #713 or #714)
  • Bettendorf Trucks (Blackstone B370110)
  • Brake wheel (your choice)
  • Grab Irons (0.012 Wire or Tichy)
    • 8 - 18" Straight
    • 4 - 18" Drop
    • 4 - 24" Straight
  • Brake Wheel Shaft (0.012 Wire)


Type III Wood Roof

Type III Murphy 10" Roof

Type III Murphy 12" Roof

Due to the fact that 3d printing is a relatively new and in many ways experimental manufacturing technology and the fact that many of the models I manufacture push the limits on what is able to be manufactured, not all models can be successfully printed every time. Every effort is made to avoid any issues during the design phase, however, from time to time we do have unforeseen issues during the manufacturing process. We (Shapeways and I) appreciate your patience when issues do occur.

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