Pricing Changes for 2019

Pricing Changes for 2019

Shapeways pricing change pushed back to January 31st!

Shapeways has announced an upcoming pricing change effective January 31st, 2019. We are uncertain how much the pricing will be changing on our models, unfortunately, a few have been changed early. After contacting Shapeways these model are not able to be relisted to the cheaper, original cost.  We have chosen to absorb as much of the difference as we can to keep our advertised prices accurate.

However, below is a list of early price changes we have caught so far:

HOn3 Models
2018 Retail Price
Cost change
2019 Retail Price
EBT Wood Hopper
ET&WNC Flat Car
ET&WNC Large Hopper
ET&WNC Stock Car
ET&WNC Tank Car
McCord Trucks 6-pack

We do not yet have the new pricing information on the rest of our models. Thus far (including our cancelled November releases) we have seen an increase of $3 to $13 or 6% to 49% per model. As a small family run business we have made the difficult decision to maintain our 2018 prices on the above models until January 2019 even though our cost for these models has already increased.

What does this mean long-term?

That is a question we are still working to answer. We have had issues with Shapeways even before this change in regards to what we felt was already high pricing and their choice in packaging for our delicate models. As such we had already begun a project to move our production in-house where we can better maintain control of the cost, quality, and packaging of our products.

This unexpected pricing increase has expedited that program, and I am pleased to announce we have our own printer and have started successfully printing several test models. Our plan is to first release our HO, and O scale trucks and then cars sometime later. We will email updates moving forward, as they are available, so be sure to subscribe to our email list!